Next Generation Sequencing

Overview Sanger sequencing (chain termination methodology), created during the mid-1970’s by Frederick Sanger and co-workers has been the molecular biology workhorse for many years. The technique, based predominantly on separation of extended fragments of DNA with the addition of di-deoxynucleotides. These nucleotides differ from standard deoxynucleotides as they lack a 3’-OH group. Thus, chain termination. […] Read more »

The Sanger DNA Sequencing Methods

DNA sequencing refers to the methods and technologies that used to determine the orders of nucleotide bases in a DNA molecule, namely adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C) and thymine (T). DNA sequencing enables us to perform a thorough analysis of DNA because it provides us with the most basic information of all: the sequence […] Read more »

Computer Telepathy Could Help Patient and Gamers

It seems the age of telepathy is here – or at least it is when you hook up two people to their computers through the internet. Scientists at the University of Southampton in England have successfully beamed a message between two people, who didn’t have to say a word to communicate it. How it works […] Read more »