MacBook Air Versus iPad 2

From a purely aesthetic perspective, Apple products are second to none. They are undeniably beautiful and sturdy, showing levels of craftsmanship other companies can only hope to match. After pioneering new markets like the portable mp3 player and tablet computer, Apple dominated with products like the iPod and iPad. However, many of these products serve […] Read more »

MacBook Pro v. MacBook Air – or are There Better Options

You can’t deny that Apple produces beautiful products MacBook Pro and the even slimmer, lighter (and more expensive) MacBook Air will always have their fans. Although these ranges are several years old they still being updated and selling well. They have fallen out of the limelight a bit though with, the introduction of the iPhone […] Read more »

Computer Telepathy Could Help Patient and Gamers

It seems the age of telepathy is here – or at least it is when you hook up two people to their computers through the internet. Scientists at the University of Southampton in England have successfully beamed a message between two people, who didn’t have to say a word to communicate it. How it works […] Read more »

Power Line Communications

Power line communications stands for the use of power supply grid for communication purpose. Power line network has very extensive infrastructure in nearly each building. Because of that fact the use of this network for transmission of data in addition to power supply has gained a lot of attention. Since power line was devised for […] Read more »