MacBook Air Versus iPad 2

From a purely aesthetic perspective, Apple products are second to none. They are undeniably beautiful and sturdy, showing levels of craftsmanship other companies can only hope to match. After pioneering new markets like the portable mp3 player and tablet computer, Apple dominated with products like the iPod and iPad. However, many of these products serve […] Read more »

How Bone Conduction Has Revolutionized Technology

Ludwig van Beethoven is a man who for most needs no introduction, but few know the part he played in the discovery of what is known today as ‘bone conduction’. As you likely already know, although Beethoven was almost completely deaf he has come to be known as one of the greatest composers that ever […] Read more »

MacBook Pro v. MacBook Air – or are There Better Options

You can’t deny that Apple produces beautiful products MacBook Pro and the even slimmer, lighter (and more expensive) MacBook Air will always have their fans. Although these ranges are several years old they still being updated and selling well. They have fallen out of the limelight a bit though with, the introduction of the iPhone […] Read more »

Amazon’s Kindle – Turnaround Time for Booksellers?

Less than four years ago the Kindle was released. Three years later more ebooks than “dead tree” books are sold. That’s a pace of change which makes PC development look dead in the water! Since 1st April Amazon has sold 105 Kindle ebooks for every 100 “dead tree” books sold. And that doesn’t include free […] Read more »